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Roof Replacement

“They replaced my entire roof, both shingle roof and flat roof. They did all the necessary clean-up which made my wife very pleased. They did the entire job in less than a week which also pleased us! The experience was absolutely great. The end result was truly unexpected as far as the quality of work, cleanliness, the timely manner in the completion of the job and above all the professionalism of all workers (and everyone spoke English)!!!”

Larry H.

Complete Satisfaction

“We have had J & K repair our roof 3 times before with complete satisfaction. Unfortunately our new homeowners insurance forced us to get a new roof, ours was fine from the prior repairs, but not according to them (it was not leaking!) J & K did a quick and professional job; we are completely satisfied with the roof. It has rained several times since, with no issues. I would highly recommend them and now won’t have to worry about any roof issues in the near future.”

Anthony S.

Great Company

“It went very well. They were very prompt. They are honest and straight forward which I like. They answered all questions. They did a great job on the roof. They are a family owned business and care about the job they do. They take pride in what they do. I am very happy I picked them out of the five roofing companies I had quotes for. I would use them again. They also covered what needed to be covered and once the job was completed they cleaned up everything. Great Company… Thank you”

Robin D.

Roof Fixing

“We needed an estimate on some roof fixing that was needed on a house we were looking to buy. We were very impressed with this company’s professionalism over the phone. Chris explained everything very clearly; explained what was wrong with the roof, and what he would do to fix it, how long the job would realistically take, and how well he’d clean up. And provided an estimate for the work on the spot. He was very honest and explained how his estimate is for the real job that’ll last 20 years, and that perhaps we’d be able to get someone else to do a lesser job for less.”

Aryeh W.

Extremely Prompt

“I emailed J & K last night (July 16th) and received a call from Chris on my way into work this morning asking about my availability to meet him at my house today… extremely prompt. I’d been having some leakage over my guest room window and it turns out, upon inspection, that my gutters were clogged. Chris checked out my roof and it turns out that it’s still in tip top shape, but a clogged gutter was causing water to overflow and spill into the house. He cleaned out the gutter for me free of charge. Fantastic service. I’d absolutely use them, or recommend them, if the need arose.”

Thomas N.


“I have not used J&K since I joined Angie’s List, but I had used them two times prior to joining, and I wouldn’t even consider calling anyone else. This is a small family owned business, and they are WONDERFUL! I have referred other friends to them, and they have also been very pleased with their experience. The first time I used J&K, it was for a much larger job, putting a new roof on my patio area and replacing several areas of the fascia. Last time was just a minor roof leak, but I was just as happy with everything about them, from quote through payment, both times. Fair, honest, reasonable, and high quality work. You can’t beat THAT!”

Bonna O.

Very Professional

“An inspector was able to come to my house a day after I called, in the evening after I got home from work. He inspected the roof, explained the problem, gave me a price, and said he could have the work scheduled for that Saturday morning. The price was a bit more than I expected but this gentleman was very professional. The roofers arrived punctually on Saturday and worked until the job was finished. My husband paid with a check, and subsequently I received a call from the company letting me know that my husband had forgotten to deduct the 10% Angie’s List coupon from the payment. I received a refund check for the difference within days.”

Amy H.


“Excellent. They described exactly what they were going to do when they bid out the job and they delivered on everything they said they would do. I got several bids and they were competitive for the product they were offering and the reputation they had on Angie’s List. They used top grade products (130 mph rated Owens Corning Duration shingles) and did very neat work. Even the home inspector was impressed with the quality of the workmanship. As promised, the job was done in three days and they cleaned up after themselves. They primed the new fascia boards, even though the contract said they weren’t going to do any painting. It would be nice if all contractors were like this. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who needs a new roof.”

Terence D.

We Recommend J&K

“J&K did exactly what their estimator said they would and in 3 days too. All the people we saw and spoke to were pleasant and professional, from the owner to the clean up man. during the tear off, much of the old soffit wood came down and we knew there would be additional costs but to our surprise it was totally reasonable. J&K has years of experience and you could tell by the way they worked. in fact, their estimator, Chris, was the only estimator to actually go up on the roof and that was a big factor in our choice. the other ones just used new digital aids for measurements and did not go up to check nor did they offer us what j&k did. We know there are an abundance of roofers in south Florida…..we’ve been here since 1977 and this is the third roof but we would not hesitate to recommend J&K to anyone.”

Donna S.

Very Knowledgeable

“Two men worked on our roof for three days to finally fix the leak problems. They worked long hours, and were always professional and thorough. The job was more complicated than originally estimated, but they did not charge us more money. I would hire this company again for sure. I highly recommend them. After many heavy rain storms in our area, our roof began to leak in several places. The men had to remove tiles, underneath tar papers, also replace some rotten wood on our 21 year old tile roof. After much rain, and more leaking … they successfully solved the problems. Everything was replaced, repainted, and they cleaned up everywhere so you’d never even know they were here.They were very knowledgeable and worked long hours. We would recommend this company. They are eager to please.”

Tonya R.

Roof Leak

“With the heavy rains, the roof started leaking in the master bedroom where it had it repaired less than a year ago by another roofing company and also in a new location in the master bath.It was Saturday, June 1. They came on Sunday, June 2 and gave me a proposal.Even though I thought the price was high, I agreed because I needed to stop the damage.They came on Tuesday, June 4 at 7:30 AM with 3 men and worked until 5:30 PM.I climbed onto the roof to see why it was leaking over the master bedroom and they showed me that there was no evidence of prior work done in that area.I paid them when they left.The next night, my wife heard dripping over the master bedroom and I found two leaks in the attic. I called them at 10:15PM on Wednesday and left a voicemail. I was surprised when they called me back in 5 minutes. They came back the next morning at 6:55AM (Thursday) and told me the leak was above the area they had repaired and repaired it.No more leaks!”

Charles Y.

Awesome Work

“These guys are awesome!!! Forget all the horror stories about roofers, and call these guys! I highly recommend them! I found them on Angie’s List on Sunday morning around 7:30am after we found pools of water inside the house that night. I got a call back a few minutes after 9am on Sunday and an estimator was at my home by 10:30 am that same day! All on a Sunday!! He did a complete roof inspection and found the trouble, and even checked repairs I had done by other companies in the past. (He even confirmed the past repairs were done right and didn’t try to talk me into fixing those again). He gave me an estimate and told me they would be able to get it done by Wednesday. — the last guy I called couldn’t even get an estimator out until that Friday! I spoke with my wife and called them back within an hour, and they scheduled the repair for Tuesday. Later that day, someone else called and said they could have a crew there Monday at 8 am instead… with more rain forecast, this was well beyond my expectations! The crew showed up at 8 am and got right to work. They even found another leak, and repaired that without tacking on to the bill! The job was done before the rain came down again later on Monday. — and no more leaks! These guys are AWESOME and I will only use J&K Roofing from now on! You should too!”

John B.

"I needed to replace my very large flat roof. I had several estimates provided and in the end I chose J&K roofing b/c they were professional and their price was within reason compared to other estimates. Billy was the person who came out to give me the estimate and he was very nice, explained everything to me in detail. I then waited several months before actually doing the work. When I signed the contract, Fred took over. He was also very nice and honest. I have a fireplace that originally we thought would need to be replaced during the tear down. Fred spend alot of time researching where to buy the replacement parts and in the end they were careful not to damage it saving me about $500. They worked with th AC company that had to remove the ductwork from the roof to coordinate everything. They showed exactly when they said they would. They worked tirelessly. They cleaned up like they said they would. All in all they made good on everything they promised. I was very pleased with the experience and if I would need roof work again in the future, I would use J&K. I was very pleased with the entire experience. They were professional, neat and efficient. I would highly recommend J&K to anyone in need of a good roofer."
Kessen C.
“We met with and signed a contract with Chris Ortiz on 10/8/12. Picked out and ordered a beautiful tile. On 11/12/12, the crew came to remove my old roof.They covered my pool and cleaned up everything; put in the “dry in” stage. then came back, I believe the next day to do the “mop in”. they told me the tile would be delivered the following monday. However, this was Thanksgiving week & we were to be out of town. so they said they would deliver when we got back. During that week, we got a call from Don, saying he was not going to put tile on the felt that had been installed on our roof. The felt was sub standard. He would not guarantee that the roof would not leak in a few years. He wanted to start again, remove everything they had already done, down to the plywood, and put down a product he could stand behind. (Many companies would have just let this slide). He said his reputation was on the line and he had never seen such poor quality felt before, in all his 38 years of doing business. He told us that he needed to talk to the manufacturer, and the city. He hoped he didn’t have to pull another permit. Then on the 17th of Dec. they came & started to install the tile. They said they would finish in one day, however, they were short about 100 tiles. so they got more and came back to finish later that week. We didn’t receive our final inspection until 12/27/12. All in all, it took longer that anyone anticipated, and I’m sure they were glad to be finished with our job (picky Miami-Dade inspectors),but, the fact that they wanted to make things right, even if that meant starting over from the beginning. (Those poor workers, hopefully they got paid for that extra work). In our book, that makes them a very reputable company, who absolutely stands behind their work. Their honesty & integrity puts them tops on our list. Our new tile roof looks so great, & gives our house much more character. Our neighbors approve! We are very happy with the results.Thanks J & K Roofing.” I was very pleased with the entire experience. They were professional, neat and efficient. I would highly recommend J&K to anyone in need of a good roofer."
George S.
“Our roof had been leaking for a while and we called a well known area roofer for a quote. They couldn’t find the leak apparently so couldn’t tell me the extent of the damage but gave me a quote that was considerable higher than J & K. I joined Angie’s list to specifically look for a roofer and boy! I am SO glad I did! I found great reviews on J & K Roofing. I’m a skeptical person as it is but thought that I just need to take the plunge. I called J & K, the person who answered the phone was friendly and professional. He tried to get us in for an estimate within 24 hours but I called late on a Friday afternoon so they couldn’t come until the following Monday. When they arrived, he hopped on the roof, spent about 20 minutes up there, came down with photos of our roof, not only did he find exactly where the leak was, he also showed me pictures of other tiles that were loose and said they would fix those as well. He described exactly how it would be fixed, layer by layer, disclosed that although they’ll try and salvage as many tiles as possible, there was a chance some could break and they would replace them with the best match possible. It took me a month to take the plunge and get it fixed but they came the next day, fixed it quickly and with no mess. They worked extremely hard because it was going to rain so they made sure the hole was patched before the downpour! The last day has been constant rain and not a drip! I am thrilled with the work and professionalism of these guys. You will not be sorry for hiring them. Their price was extremely competitive but not “fly-by-night” cheap which you should always be wary of. I love the fact that they were able to show me pictures of what was wrong and then pictures after it was fixed. Just a great business to work with. I’ll be honest, I did sit and watch my ceiling all day yesterday, I even put black marker around the water stain to see if there was anything leaking (we have to cut out and replace the ceiling)….not one bit of the stain expanded and it used to grow exponentially during a rainstorm.”
Rebecca D.
“I had the flat roof over a porch and single car garage inspected by J&K for a leaky roof. The representative was very polite and professional when he called to schedule the initial inspection and evaluation. He showed up on time and reviewed the area making his notes. He asked me if I wanted to repair or replace the roof, based on his and comparable reports for other roofing companies we decided to do a replacement. The process was explained, for the permitting, roofing materials to be used, along with the reasoning for each corrective measures. I found working with this company stress less. Everything was documented in black and white, pricing was in line with other bids. Variables were also covered just to avoid issues if a need arose to reschuled. Thankfully there were no delays and the work was done in a manner I felt was not only professional but respectful of my property and that of my neighbors. The crew showed up right on time and just went to work like they had the plan down. The final was preformed just as efficiently and under the terms of the agreement, J&K called to schedule an appointment to bring my copies of the project documents and collect their final payment. Everything happened just like I was told it would. They even touched up blighted roofing tiles that were mis-matched to provide a fresh and finished roof visible from the curb. One last note, the city building inspection department happened by, the inspector asked for the permits and after short discussion with the crew and reviewing the work in progress assured me I had made a good choice and would be receiving a high-quality new roof.”
Patrick L.
“We scheduled four roofers to estimate our roof on the same day. Chris from J&K Roofing was the only one who actually climbed up and then spent more than an hour generating a very detailed estimate report and explained to us with great patience. We in fact learned a lot about roofing from his explanations and was instantly convinced. To our delightful surprise, their estimated price was indeed the lowest while offering many more extra services. Chris even reminded us to utilize the $100 off coupon from Angie’s list. When it comes to the actual work, their efficacy is as good as they promised. The workers are always punctuate and very professional. They ripped the roof off and replaced the bad wood pieces on the first day, inspected on the second day, and then finished installing the shingles on the third day. Not a single piece of junk was left behind. The finished roof was inspected again until they feel the job was satisfactorily done. Pictures were taken to show the replaced woods as well as the “hurricane strip” as they promised. They also eliminated the no longer working attic fan and replace it with two vents. And the final price was exactly the same as was on the initial contract, minus the coupon value of course. We are 100% happy wit J&K Roofing and will definitely recommend them to anyone that needing any kind of roofing works.”
Li F.
“4/20 We noticed water leaks on the ceiling of our dining room. Water was dripping down the light fixture damaging my dining room table. We have had this leak fixed twice in the past 8 years,by other roofers, most recently after Wilma. I found J&K on Angie’s list and called them 1st thing Monday.Later that morning Billy came by and immediately spotted the problem. I’m not fluent in the lingo but he was able to explain how the previous patches didn’t address the real problem. I was going to get 3 estimates but felt comfortable enough with this company to hire them at that point. The crew showed up at 7:30 the next morning. They were very professional. One even went into my attic to assess the damage. This was something the other company’s guy never did before patching the leak. I was impressed with their thoroughness. They fixed the problem as opposed to just patching the leak. The workers were great and the roof was done by that afternoon. I waited until after this weeks deluge to report no more leaks!!!! I’m confident that this problem is now fixed. I paid much less the previous times I had the leak fixed by the other companies…BUT they never fixed the problem. You get what you pay for and I now have piece of mind. I would definitely hire J&K Roofing again if the need arises.”
Kristi D.

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